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Social Policy

As part of Vallex Group of companies "Base Metals" CJSC emphasizes the importance of reducing to a minimum the negative impact it might have on the social environment, excludes such an impact when possible and realizes different projects addressed to the continuous improvement of the social standing in the communities nearby.

Up to December 31st, 2015 the company has brought to life projects of social support to the total of 2,5 billion AMD in adhering to their corporate responsibility.

The company strictly follows the requirements of Labour Legislation inclusive of legal acts regulating the sphere. Where legislation falls short, we will and do provide, within reason, better working conditions for the employees by introducing internal legal acts.

On the behalf of the company, the attitude towards employees is to create a sense of confidence and social stability for them and their families presently as well as for the future. We emphasize the continuous improvement of interpersonal relationships and a sense of unity amongst the employees to share the same objectives and aims towards a profitable future.

Regarding the establishment of the principles of corporate ethics among the employees, corporate cultural events are held on regular basis to encourage appropriate interpersonal relationships and team work.

We prioritize within the external social policy the fulfillment of obligations towards the country and society set out by the local domestic legislation, including the payment of all taxes, fees and other mandatory charges for the relevant areas.

Our perception of corporate social responsibility is not restricted to episodic charity but supposes continuous and consistent activities towards the improvement of the social environment.